NewsTrack Review 6: Audio Use does not go above and beyond to include different forms of audio on their site’s homepage or within their articles. The most popularly used form of audio they offer are through videos, either of specific footage essential to the article or a short package on summarizing the written article for those who would rather watch than read. The videos and well-developed and offer a nice multimedia element that allowed readers to have a choice of how they receive the news. Though these videos are intertwined in almost every article, they are the only aspect that bring audio into the site besides the video advertisements integrated throughout the home page. Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.59.39 PM.png offers almost all of their news in video form. But, they could definitely do more to enhance their site. Personally, I think if they added sound clips of specific quotes and placed them throughout a written article it would bring an interactive element to their articles that would enrich the news experience for readers. It could also be a unique element to add a classic news theme song that is played at the opening of news programs to the home pages of the different sections of news they offer on the site. It would play automatically in the background of the home pages and with an option to mute it on the top toolbar. The music would automatically stop playing once a reader clicked on an article or video.


Author: AlexaLamanna

Dedicated journalist and recent Boston University grad with a focus in the broadcast journalism industry. I have a strong interest towards Political journalism and am thrilled by the fearlessness of investigative reporting. Along with broadcast journalism, I am also studying Political Science and Sociology. I have worked in newsrooms in both Boston, MA and Washington, D.C. and hope to continue my career in D.C. post-graduation.

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