NewsTrack Review 5: 2016 Election Primaries Results

On Tuesday February 23rd, the heading toolbar of offered an expandable chart tracking candidates’ success in the Nevada Caucus. Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.03.37 AM

This was before the caucus took place, so the projected winners were posted above their competitors in an easy chart that made it easy to understand, even for those not so politically savvy. The chart even had a unique and efficient aspect in the top left corner above the Republican box which would automatically refresh the results every 40 seconds, so that as the caucus commenced, readers would have instant results as they tracked the succession of the debate.

But, this wasn’t the only thing had to offer. As you scroll down the expandable article, graphs and statistics filled the screen of various information about the voters for each party and each candidate. Their age, race, ethnicity, location, education, were all displayed in easy to read comparable charts between each candidate in their respective parties. As someone very interested in the specifics of the political race, I was pleased with the organization of information.

The article also included a clickable calendar of the coming primaries and which were significant for what candidate and/or party. The entire article provided so much information in such few words, which lead me to conclude that the multimedia aspects of it were executed perfectly. Though it included a series of charts and graphs, they were not difficult to read, compare, or understand. did a great job making a quick study guide for the current progression and future projection of the 2016 election.

See the rest of the article Here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.01.45 AM


Author: AlexaLamanna

Dedicated journalist and recent Boston University grad with a focus in the broadcast journalism industry. I have a strong interest towards Political journalism and am thrilled by the fearlessness of investigative reporting. Along with broadcast journalism, I am also studying Political Science and Sociology. I have worked in newsrooms in both Boston, MA and Washington, D.C. and hope to continue my career in D.C. post-graduation.

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