Story Preview: Characters of the New Hampshire Primary

This past Tuesday I traveled up to New Hampshire to investigate the not-so-publicized aspects of the Presidential Primary. My first destination was the Red Arrow Diner, a local eatery that’s a hot spot for presidential candidates to stop by on their way across New Hampshire. The diner gives the chance for candidates of both sides to channel their personaIMG_0013.JPGble facades and sit down with the locals to chat about their policies in a casual setting, before voters head to polling stations to cast their votes.

Beyond the initial character of the building itself, with its bright blue banner reading “Bacon, eggs and politics,” I found that some of the most interesting characters were those outside of the diner, waiting for candidates to show up or simply showing their support at a location where they knew many would stop to listen (or look) at what they had to say.

The first person I had the pleasure of talking to was Clay Mitchell, a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma that was not shy to admit that he is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. Beyond a great interview, I was also able to enjoy one of his original songs, “Make It Rain”, which is full of clever lyrics about American politicians through the opinion of Mr. Mitchell.

But, my fun didn’t end there. A bit further down the street I found Mark Buckley, 60, artist and outspoken Sanders supporter from Florida that drove all the way up to Manchester, NH for the primary. He and his trusty companionIMG_0063.JPG and “security guard” Clucky the chicken travel all over in the name of political activism in his hand-crafted Bernie Sanders school bus (left). I was lucky enough to get a tour of the bus while he told me about his political views and past travels. Buckley plans to take himself and his feathery friend down to South Carolina for the next primary and then out west to Nevada! Needless to say, I’m sure these two were satisfied with the primary results after coming from such great lengths to show their support for Bernie.





Author: AlexaLamanna

Dedicated journalist and recent Boston University grad with a focus in the broadcast journalism industry. I have a strong interest towards Political journalism and am thrilled by the fearlessness of investigative reporting. Along with broadcast journalism, I am also studying Political Science and Sociology. I have worked in newsrooms in both Boston, MA and Washington, D.C. and hope to continue my career in D.C. post-graduation.

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