NewsTrack Review 1: MY NEWSTRACK – NBC NEWS

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.44.56 AM

For my Newstrack, I have chosen to comment on the multimedia elements of NBC is my typically my main source for all political, national, international, and investigative news. I also personally feel that NBC is the most neutral and trustworthy major news source today.

The overall structure and organization of the NBC news website homepage is clear and organized. It clearly separates its top stories from its latest and trending stories while it simultaneously presents them at the forefront of the site for easy accessibility. The site strategically positions the thumbnail images of stories away from clickable links to stories without homepage images to avoid clutter. The website also provides a simple category bar at the top of the page for users to navigate the site quickly and choose the type of news they want to watch or read about.





Author: AlexaLamanna

Dedicated journalist and recent Boston University grad with a focus in the broadcast journalism industry. I have a strong interest towards Political journalism and am thrilled by the fearlessness of investigative reporting. Along with broadcast journalism, I am also studying Political Science and Sociology. I have worked in newsrooms in both Boston, MA and Washington, D.C. and hope to continue my career in D.C. post-graduation.

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